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Oh My Goodness ! #OMG

This picture is the core of this post. If you don't want to read further, you can very well stop doing so. 

Found it from somewhere, posted it on almost all social networks. Something snapped ! And here I am blogging about it. 

Why am I doing this again ? Because I was just telling my mom a couple of days ago that people just got bored and invented the 'thing' and called it "god". I believe in the Zeitgeist too, the Sun god thing. But I don't think anyone else cares. Atleast no one in India does, prompt to use 'not many' instead of 'no one'. Since I've just found a few Indian rationalists.

And for people who ask me questions about the origin of life and stuff, I believe in the chemical origin of life and "Why the hell would I care about it?". This religion thingy is going to get worse day-by-day and year-by-year.

I just wish one day they write on my grave (I doubt if there is gonna be a grave :P):
"She secretly laughed at people who talked about god but din't care about being laughed."

I still have no idea why I'm doing this ! 

The trip to "God's Own Country"

A wonderful trip managed with family to Coimbatore from Salem and then to Kochi via CBE, was pure awesomness except for the bad roads via the highway, which din't seem like one. We parked at a Home Stay spot which was very much famous all over Fort Kochi, due to the lot of people from outside of India. Since it took almost 5 hrs. to reach Kochi, only the 2nd half of the day was available to spend, so after an hour rest we started around the place we stayed, where almost everything was available from antiques, dresses, fish to tea or Chinese food. 

The Vasco-da-Gama square, Spices Market, Princess Street, Fort Cochin Beach, Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis church, were very close to the place where we stayed. In fact they were near each other. It was a good walk around the beach and a morning walk did much good to the mind and the body. 

With Malayalam all over the place it's not rare to see people with Hindi origin. Many sellers seem to be north Indians. Shopping in Port Kochi would be 'The Best' but 'The Expensive' than what you would get from other places of less tourist importance. This specific place had a greater amount of floating population than the other places I went to. 

The next day morning had a plan to take the government bus which was the boat which would take you to the other side of the shore, but we decided upon taking a boat for Rs.700, to just go around floating and be back at the same place. Then was Cherai Beach, which is to be known for its sunset, but the time of the day I visited was the morning hours, so no luck with it. Then we headed to Coimbatore again to visit some more friends and again to my hometown. The trip took almost 4 days of my study holidays. Am I said ? Who Knows ;)

For those on Facebook, the Kochi album link would be: 

The Precious 3 hrs

Addicted to movies, I am. I love spending my time seeing movies. Usually, already seen movies would be accompanied by some writing work and unseen movies would gather the entire attention. This has made my mom mad, not on me, but on movies as well. :) Blessed with such a women as my mom. We see Movies together, whatever kind it is :P. I don't boast upon it, but want to prove the fact that, regional movies are far worse than the English ones.
     Well... the serious truth is that it's getting worse day-by-day, but the reviews in the books seem to be rated high however the movie is. Some very few are at least bearable, and that too is due to the romance or comedy in it.
     On the other hand, some or many of the E-movies are more than tolerable, and filled with most of the important aspects like comedy, romance, suspense, etc,. Recent movie would be "Despicable Me", (read its re"view" on But how can someone so logical, waste time on those "nothing-to-be-learnt-from" kind-of movies ?! It's disgusting to see people waiting for movie releases, they know what for ! An utter hindrance to people from thinking on their own. Will not it be hilarious if I say they teach people how to even kill without being suspected. But in the movies they get caught, since the star might be the police or simply since he is the "Hero".
     I have managed in changing very a few from watching nothing-movies into watching some good ones out of the language. But it's still difficult to change the views and mind set of the people of the region. I could add, it's something next to impossible.
     Meet y'all in another post :)

Education in India

     Last week when we had communication laboratory at college, each one of us had to speak on the topic, "Are Studies Beneficial In India or Abroad?", for which there seemed to be almost a debate on the same. Doubtlessly, I spoke for studies in abroad, because I felt it that way. I lacked almost everything to study here. I din't have the ability to mug things up, neither did I have the strength to study and vomit what the book only contained. So indirectly I lack the basics to study and prosper here. Which indirectly reflected on my marks, as an average score, which did no impact on me or my family, but the society around.
     The society around here was focussed on blessing and respecting the toppers, but not me, atleast not people like me (I don't seem to find many like me). Also having a passion about different type of people and psychology, I seemed to notice my class toppers to speak for the Indian Education System. Children are expected nothing more than marks. Seriously, the people here are used to praising the top scorers in whatever test maybe. The marking or grading system is to be blamed or the view of the parents or the system of teaching is to be changed? But yet, seniors or lecturers claim this system to be the best and that this has made the brainiest Indians. Well.... The answer for that would be, the ones who understood instead of mugging are the only eligibles to be trademarked the Indian brains.  
     The greatest people of the nation who spread the quality of Indian Ed System would be those who din't study the Indian way. There might be exceptions. But who cares here? Right ?Marks, Marks and Marks, is there anything else ?! And where is co-curriculum?! Lets meet in another post :)